Adventures in Self-Publishing

In recent years, with the growth of ebooks, self-publishing has changed from the niche pursuit of a vain few to an increasingly-popular method of seeing one’s work in print for authors who do not wish to go the traditional route — and as more people choose it, an increasing amount of self-published work is proving very good indeed.

This page will be the hub for my reviews of self-published impossible crime novels, novellas, and short stories. As more appear on the main blog page I will add them below, alphabetically by author and then chronologically where an individual’s work is concerned, and clicking any of the covers will take you to the review of that book.


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Self-Publishing

  1. I haven’t experienced much self published stuff yet, but there’s a lot to go through here. Do you have a top 5 you recommend for someone who wants to try a wide berth? (of hopefully high quality)


    • Off the top of my head…

      1. The Opening Night Murders by James Scott Byrnside
      2. The Patricide by Kim Ekemar
      3. Impossible Bliss by Lee Sheldon
      4. Reach by Robert Innes
      5. The Murder of Nora Winters by Robert Trainor



      • Finished reading “The Opening Night Murders” – thanks for the rec. It was fine; I appreciated it being fair play, though I did find it a bit easy (perhaps it was luck, but my guess about the solution was correct). The writing is definitely better than most self published stuff I’ve checked out and more comparable to traditionally published stuff, with just a few minor blemishes.

        Bit disappointed it spoils the GI book, but I’ll check out the vampire one and others on this list. Bought some already like Patricide, Innes work, etc.

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