#107: Vintage Cover Scavenger Hunt Update

The halfway point of the year seems a good time to put your slavering, fanatical curiosity to rest by updating you on my progress with the Vintage Mystery Cover Scavenger Hunt set by Bev over at My Reader’s Block.  Behold!

Vintage Bingo July 1st

So, yeah, I’m doing poorly.  I mean, sure, I had to months out and all, but even if you take that into account…divide by 3…carry the one…yeah, no, it’s still a lousy showing.  16 out of a possible 75 categories met; crikey, Kate does that in a slow month.

For the curious, then, and going column by column, here are my books to date:

Knife — The Black Dark Murders (1949) by Robert O. Saber

Bottle/Glass for Drinking — Death in Five Boxes (1938) by Carter Dickson

A Hat — Death from a Top Hat (1938) by Clayton Rawson

“Evil” Eyes — If the Shroud Fits (1941) by Kelley Roos

Dog — Duck Season Death (1955) by June Wright

Any Other Animal — The Blushing Monkey (1953) by Roman McDougald

Car/Truck — Murder on Wheels (1932) by Stuart Palmer

Two People — Death’s Mannikins (1937) by Max Afford

Rope/Hangman’s Noose — Policeman’s Holiday (1937) by Rupert Penny

“Damsel in Distress” — The Moving Toyshop (1946) by Edmund Crispin

Dead Body — The Border Line (1937) by Walter S. Masterman

Food of Some Sort — The Problem of the Green Capsule, a.k.a. The Black Spectacles (1939) by John Dickson Carr

Library or a Book — The Sharkskin Book (1941) by Harry Stephen Keeler

Map or Chart — The Footprints of Satan (1950) by Norman Berrow

Performer — Case with Four Clowns (1939) by Leo Bruce

Country Scene — Murder of a Lady (1931) by Anthony Wynne


I shall, of course, redouble my efforts in the half a year that remains.  Though, in other news, how has half the year gone already?!  Back in my day, etc, etc.

Dingbat answers tomorrow, too, so get your bets in now…

5 thoughts on “#107: Vintage Cover Scavenger Hunt Update

  1. haha I don’t think I have done 16 in a month! Think my best was 13. Got a few categories I am struggling to find books for though. May have to pick the collective brain, otherwise known as my poor blog readers, at some point.


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