#108: John Dingbats Carr – The Answers!

Now’s your last chance to look away before the results of this week’s dingbats challenge…  No?  Okay, but no kudos for working them out from this point on…

1. Ten TeacupsA nice easy one to start with, that.  Just to get you settled in, like.


2. My Late WivesGot quite excited when I realised how to do “My Late” like that.  Such is the life of a Dingbateer (is that a thing?  I feel that should be a thing).


3. The Eight of SwordsNow we get into to switcheroo tickery that makes writing this kind of thing fun.  Particularly chuffed with the “s” at the end of “tons” — made life a lot simpler, that did.


4. In Spite of Thunder“Toff” is the sticking point here for me.  Any alternative suggestions gratefully received.  Because apparently I’m planning on doing this again.


5. Life of SACD“Cone and Oil” is my new favourite pun.  Also not sure how famous a thing the Arthur cartoons are, so feel free to cry foul at that.  It won’t change anything, but you’ll feel better.


6. Fire, Burn!Everyone knows the four largest cities in Switzerland in terms of population.  Right?


7. Death in Five Boxes

The non-Greek way of doing this was five boxes with pictures of Death in them.  But I figured you guys would be able to handle this.  Turned out I was wrong.


8. Death Turns the Tables

C’mon “Theta balls” = The Tables…that’s gold right there, people; pure, solid gold.


9. Captain Cut-ThroatI have nothing to say about this except that I’m delighted Carr never wrote a book with the title Kappa Can Scissor-Neck.


10. Bride of Newgate

Doff, like Toff, is the sticking point here.  Seriously, Google “doff” and see what the world’s premier search engine of all the accumulated knowledge of humankind throws at you.  Bloody useless.


11. To Wake the DeadThe “McBain” is also used to highlight the fact that it’s “Ed McBain” I’m using here and not “Evan Hunter”.  And, yes, after “Toff” to suddenly use the photograph of someone you need to recognise is possibly a cheat.


12. A Graveyard to LetThis is so close, it nearly causes me physical pain.


Full kudos to Santosh who worked these out with astonishing rapidity, the rest of you will simply have to be honest with yourselves.  As you may be able to tell, I’m quite the fan of dingbats, so there’s a chance they’ll resurface at some future point.  You have been warned…

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  1. So proud! I got every one right, writing them on that separate piece of paper. Must correct you though: number four is definitely The Crooked Hinge, and number seven is The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. I’m surprised at you, JJ!


    Knot + adding + Botswana – wanna + fan


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