#184: Vintage Cover Bingo Scavenger Hunt 2016 Round-Up

Having participated in the Vintage Cover Scavenger Bingo run by Bev Hankin over at My Reader’s Block this year, I’m not delighted with the account I’ve given of myself, but it at least sets a bar to improve on in 2017 (and I did have two months off, after all…).

Since Christmas has played havoc with my reading, I’m not done with Rupert Penny’s Policeman in Armour yet (sorry about that) and since I’m therefore not going to review anything else in 2016 I can do my round-up of the 48 (out of 75) objects I found for the Bingo instead…


First Column

  1. Shadowy Figure: Puzzle for Fools (1936) by Patrick Quentin
  2. Knife: The Black Dark Murders (1949) by Robert O. Saber
  3. Body of Water: Death at Crane’s Court (1953) by Eilís Dillon
  4. Bottle/Glass for Drinking: Death in Five Boxes (1938) by Carter Dickson
  5. Statue: The Corpse in the Waxworks, a.k.a. The Waxworks Murder (1932) by John Dickson Carr
  6. Bird: Mystery in St. James’s Square (1938) by Gilbert Collins
  7. Painting/Photograph: The Border Line (1937) by Walter S. Masterman [changed from dead body]
  8. Jewelry of Any Sort: The Dead Are Blind (1937) by Max Afford
  9. Just One Person: ‘The Third Bullet’ and Other Stories [ss] (1954) by John Dickson Carr
  10. Castle or Ruins: The Devil in Velvet (1951) by John Dickson Carr
  11. A Hat: Death from a Top Hat (1938) by Clayton Rawson
  12. Cigarette or Pipe: The Nothing Man (1954) by Jim Thompson
  13. A Blonde (Woman or Man): What a Body! (1949) by Alan Green
  14. A Yellow Object: ‘Poison Can be Puzzling’ (1944) by Max Afford

Second Column

  1. Skeletal Hand: The Black Rustle (1943) by Constance and Gwenyth Little
  2. Skull: Case in the Clinic (1941) by E.C.R. Lorac
  3. Spooky House/Mansion: And Then There Were None (1939) by Agatha Christie
  4. Revolver: Nine Times Nine (1940) by Anthony Boucher
  5. “Evil” Eyes: If the Shroud Fits (1941) by Kelley Roos
  6. Bottle of Poison: Till Death Do Us Part (1944) by John Dickson Carr
  7. Dog: Duck Season Death (c. 1955) by June Wright
  8. Any Other Animal: The Blushing Monkey (1953) by Roman McDougald
  9. Car/Truck: Murder on Wheels (1932) by Stuart Palmer
  10. Bloodstains: Darkness at Pemberley (1932) by T.H. White
  11. Typewriter: The Man Who Could Not Shudder (1944) by John Dickson Carr
  12. Two People: Death’s Mannikins (1937) by Max Afford
  13. Magnifying Glass: The Case of the Little Green Men (1951) by Mack Reynolds
  14. Playing Cards: The Red Widow Murders (1935) by Carter Dickson
  15. A Red Object: Five Get Into a Fix (1958) by Enid Blyton

Third Column

  1. Rope/Hangman’s Noose: Policeman’s Holiday (1937) by Rupert Penny
  2. “Damsel in Distress”: The Moving Toyshop (1946) by Edmund Crispin
  3. Hand Holding Weapon: The Second Shot (1930) by Anthony Berkeley
  4. Dead Body: Case with Ropes and Rings (1940) by Leo Bruce
  5. Food of Some Sort: The Problem of the Green Capsule, a.k.a. The Black Spectacles (1939) by John Dickson Carr
  6. Library or a Book: The Sharkskin Book (1941) by Harry Stephen Keeler
  7. Cat: The Nick Noble Stories of Anthony Boucher (1942-54)
  8. Map or Chart: The Footprints of Satan (1950) by Norman Berrow
  9. Plane: Obelists Fly High (1935) by C. Daly King
  10. Policeman: The House That Kills (1932) by Noel Vindry
  11. Building (Other Than House): Death of Jezebel (1948) by Christianna Brand
  12. Performer: Case with Four Clowns (1939) by Leo Bruce
  13. A Country Scene: Murder of a Lady (1931) by Anthony Wynne
  14. More than Two People: The Poisoned Chocolates Case (1929) by Anthony Berkeley
  15. Moon: The Howling Beast (1934) by Noel Vindry
  16. A Brunette (Woman or Man): The Tattoo Murder Case (1948) by Akimitsu Takagi
  17. A Mask: The Roman Hat Mystery (1929) by Ellery Queen
  18. Weirdest Item You’ve Seen: The Spaniard’s Thumb (1949) by Norman Berrow

So, there you have them; I intend to improve on this next year, as I say, and it’s been a lot of fun tracking things down — thanks, Bev, now bring on the 2017 Golden Age Vintage Bingo Cover Scavenger Hunt!

7 thoughts on “#184: Vintage Cover Bingo Scavenger Hunt 2016 Round-Up

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  2. Well done! That’s an impressive showing for a first time Vintage Challenge participant AND having two months off.

    I’m so glad you joined us for the fun and are coming back for more this year.


    • Very excited to be giving this another stab, Bev, thanks again for setting it up. I was going to ask about the Follow the Clues challenge for 2017 — do they have to be consecutive books as featured on my blog, or can I skip over one to get to the next ‘link’ in the chain?

      I appreciate that I have left this very late to start misunderstanding… 🙂


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