#183: Merry Christmas!

Book Tree

Whether Christmas is your thing or not, I hope everyone has a relaxed, happy, restful, and caring period of calm at the heart of this festive season.  It’s great fun discussing books here (and elsewhere) with all y’all, and I wish for you all a solicitous few days to ensure you’re taking care of yourselves out there.

And then get back reading, dudes.  There’s still so much to talk about…

Merry Christmas, everybody; see you soon.

4 thoughts on “#183: Merry Christmas!

  1. In the words of the immortal Golden Girls, JJ: “Thank you for being my friend!” I truly love staking a place in the blogosphere when it means engaging in pithy rapport with erudite chaps like you. (“Chaps” autocorrected to “chaos,” and I almost left it there!) Happy holidays!


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