#166: One Week Until #Carr110 – Some Links to Help You…


The time is nearly upon us!  Banish next week’s post-Thanksgiving blues by getting involved in the celebration of John Dickson Carr’s 110th birthday on 30th November.  Post an article, review, discussion piece, poem, comparison, or anything you damn well please about Carr, put the link in the comments here, and I’ll collect everything together for  summing-up post at the end of the day.

Never read Carr and no sure where to start?  Allow me to help.

Wondering what it’s like to start reading Carr?  Check out The Green Capsule Blog.

Wondering how it feels to be this excited about Carr?  TomCat will guide you.

Only interested in Carr at his best?  Allow Sergio at Tipping My Fedora to help.

Wondering how Carr stacks up against Christie?  Allow Puzzle Doctor to help.

Wondering why Carr’s so forgotten if he’s that good?  See what Brad has to say about it.

So, no excuses.  See you next Wednesday!

17 thoughts on “#166: One Week Until #Carr110 – Some Links to Help You…

  1. Wow! I’d forgotten I’d written that! It kind of holds up, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t matter if I’ve hit the nail on the head or not . . . WE HAVE TO GET THIS GUY RE-PUBLISHED!!!

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  2. I’ve been taking advantage of the holiday break in an effort to read some new books, as well as reviewing a few in the backlog. Crossing my fingers, I hope to hit 6-7 posts in the two weeks leading up to the date. I still haven’t narrowed in on the topic for my post on the 30th. I’m dying to do a top 5 list, but I have some key books missing from my portfolio


  3. The good news: I actually have something for this.

    The bad news: It might be too self-indulgant, I might not have it done in time, and if Blogspot’s formatting doesn’t agree with me we’re going to have problems. XD


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