#105: For Tau Day – John Dingbats Carr!

So in March this would have worked perfectly – the Tuesday Night Bloggers were looking at the novels of John Dickson Carr and with March 14th being Pi Day (albeit on a Monday, but that’s a mere trifle) I started putting this together.  Then my hand injury intervened and I had to shelve it,  much to my own consternation.

Today, however, is Tau Day, which is almost as good (though the mathematician in me wants to point out that pi makes a damn sight more sense as a constant…) and gives me the chance to put my work to good use, so here we go: dingbats of John Dickson Carr books using letters of the Greek alphabet (SPOILER: I am something of a nerd in real life)!

Possibly the easiest way to explain this is to demonstrate it.  So, using the Greek letter π (pi, pronounced “pie”) the two images below would give you the words “sandpit” and “Magnum P.I.” respectively:

All you have to do is work out the books based on the images given the the same way.  Easy, hein?

Some are John Dickson Carr books and some are Carter Dickson ones, and they could be under their English or their American title — you’ll appreciate that this approach limits my options somewhat.  That’s about all you need to know.  Ready?

To start you off, three that don’t involve any Greek letters at all:

Making it a bit more Greek now, with two invoking π:

Okay, now we really get into it with phi (φ, pronounced “fye” despite what Dan Brown claims), theta (θ, pronounced “th-eeta”), kappa (κ, pronounced, er, “kappa”) and nu (ν, pronounced “new”):

And finally it wouldn’t be Tau Day without using tau (τ, rhymes with “wow”), though there’s also theta again and eta (η, pronounced “eeta”):


I’d also like to share the following which – of all the failures to make a Dingbat to represent a John Dickon Carr book title – was the one that came closest to success and yet still falls agonisingly short of the mark:


Answers at some point in the future, and good luck and many thanks for your indulgence to those who partake…

13 thoughts on “#105: For Tau Day – John Dingbats Carr!

  1. If my brain was exactly like a computer then I think by the middle of this post it started sparking at the back, followed by a lot of smoke. May well be too early in the day to be tackling something this complex. I shall return when my brain is a little more awake. Though when I looked at this on wordpress reader all the pictures in each line were visible. However, when I looked at this page direct on your blog, some of the pictures were either truncated or the ones on the end weren’t there. Thought I should let you know.

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  2. The answers are (I am giving only the initials):
    2. MLW
    3. TEOS
    4. ISOT
    5. TLOSACD
    6. FB
    7. DIFB
    8. DTTT
    10 TBON
    11.(still thinking)
    Last one: AGTL


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