#98: One week until Paul Halter Day!

Paul Halter Day

I have absolutely no doubt that Kate, Rich, Puzzle Doctor, and many others will do jobs far superior to anything I ever could in summarising yesterday’s hugely enjoyable Bodies from the Library and so I’ll leave that to them.

Instead, I’d like to remind anyone still considering it that next Sunday will be Paul Halter’s 60th birthday and so Paul Halter Day will come into effect.  If you’re posting anything Paul Halter-related on that day, put the link in the comments of this post and I’ll do a wrap-up later in the evening.

My thanks in advance to anyone getting involved, really looking forward to what people come up with…!

24 thoughts on “#98: One week until Paul Halter Day!

    • I’m looking forward to your review, Kate – it’s my favourite title by Halter, by a clear mile, and one of my best reads from the previous year. 😀

      I’m thinking of posting a short review for the last Halter I read, but I fear it wouldn’t be as complimentary a post as I could wish. I think I liked other titles more than I enjoyed ‘The Invisible Circle’…


      • To my mind, celebrations of an author’s work must involve some exploration of their flaws – universal praise, while probably lovely, rings a little false. All perspectives welcome!


  1. I’ll review Death Invites You as I read the whole thing on the train on the way back from the British Library. Definitely one of the better ones. And yes, I’ll post something about the Bodies later – a shame you’re not going to – really wanted to see your opinion of HC Bailey…

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  2. My double review of Demon of Dartmoor and The Invisible Circle will be posted. It’s not altogether flattering (out of the three I read, I enjoyed one much more than the other two), but then would you have expected anything less?

    I’m reading everybody’s experiences at the BL event with vicarious joy and not a little envy. I STILL wish someone had taken a picture!


    • Personally, I’m more interested in honesty than flattery; don’t see the sense in pretending an enthusiasm that isn’t felt. Not that I’m in charge or anything, just my opinion.

      And who’s to say there wasn’t a photo? I mean, just because someone might have the decency not to post it publicly, doesn’t mean one wasn’t taken, right?

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  3. Since half of you say that your visages would break glass, I feel it imperative that an act of gross INdecency – such as posting a pic – should be committed around now. I’ve watched Dr. Who; I’m ready for anything. . .


  4. JJ, I’ve finished my Paul Halter book and the post will be up. I’m afraid my first taste hasn’t been terribly good. I definitely need to find another one at some point to give him another chance….

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    • Delighted to have you involved, Bev – and discussion is far more useful than hagiography, so don’t fret about him not being to your tastes. Thrilled to think you were willing to give Halter go, really looking froward to your thoughts.


    • Superb, thanks Santosh — sounds very cool; the Halter’s I may not get to read migh finally persuade me to improve my French, as it sounds like I’ll be missing out on some crackers otherwise…


    • I’m a firm believer in being honest in what we review, Brad, so thanks for you honesty here — no sense in pretendinf to enjoy something you don’t, all sides need to be represented.

      And happy Fathers’ Day, too!


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