#159: John Dickson Carr-ossword


Well, we’ve already had John Dingbats Carr, now it’s time for another word puzzle to, er, honour the finest detective novelist of all time!

As part of my month of occasional Carr-related shenanigans in the build-up to #Carr110 on 30th November, I’ve created a crossword around the titles of novels published under Carr’s various pseudonyms over his career.  Yes, I am that…cool?

No plot points are needed, no spoiler warnings required, there are no references to the contents of any of the books…anyone familiar with just the titles will be amply prepared for the vast majority of this, and the rest they’ll mostly be able to guess.  It’s really more a case of interpreting some of my clues, to be honest.  Do you have a similar mindset to me?  Dare you risk finding out?!!

For fashionable, tech-savvy types the crossword can be solved online here at Armored Penguin, or alternatively you can click here for a printable version for those of you who prefer more a corporeal approach to your puzzle-solving.

Answers will go up in a week or so, so happy solving!

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