#156: A Reminder — #Carr110 — One Month to Go!


Just a quick reminder that John Dickson Carr will be 110 on 30th November, so if anyone wishes to post anything Carr-related on that day I’ll collect everything in a summing up post here.  I’ll put up yet another reminder closer to the day itself, and if anyone wishes to contribute they can just leave a link in the comments somewhere and I’ll go around and sweep up as required.

Being the Carr acolyte that I am, I’ll be holding an extended celebration of this milestone and there will be a liberal sprinkling of the man and his work here on The Invisible Event over the next month, starting with my Tuesday Night Bloggers post this week, so bear with me if it gets a little overwhelming.  Nerds gotta nerd!

And, if Carr and his impossibilities are your thing, don’t forget to check out Ye Olde Book of Locked Room Conundrums, which was published yesterday…plenty there for anyone interested in the earlier days of the impossible achieved.

5 thoughts on “#156: A Reminder — #Carr110 — One Month to Go!

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