#141: Vintage Cover Scavenger Hunt Update

So, the halfway point of the year saw me in possession of a paltry 16 out of 75 on the Vintage Mystery Cover Scavenger Hunt set by Bev over at My Reader’s Block.  So where does the three-quarter point of the year find me?   If I don’t get enough of these then I’ll never be allowed into the Crime Fiction Consigliere Club, that peculiarly merciless cabal of bloodthirsty maniacs…but, well, I’ve already said too much, so they’re unlikely to let me in now anyway.

Moving on, deep breath, here goes…


32, baby!  Which, yes, isn’t even halfway yet, but at this rate of increase in progress I’ll…hang on, wait a minute…carry the one…ah, dammit, I’m still not going to do it.

I should probably provide links to the posts to prove that I have actually collected these items, but if you don’t trust me not to cheat on this then what are you doing here?  Any doubters, makes your requests in the comments and I’ll provide the appropriate link — how’s that?

The remainder of my reading year shall have to be taken tantivy if I’m to complete this, and that’s unlikely, but you never know.  Well, let’s lace up my readin’ shoes and get a move on — vamoose!

15 thoughts on “#141: Vintage Cover Scavenger Hunt Update

    • Ha, well if I give the impression that I’ve thrown myself full-bloodedly into this challenge then I must be coming across very poorly indeed!


  1. Yay! Well Done JJ. Having completed two of Bev’s challenges in the past it definitely takes a lot of organising, in fact I’m fairly sure Bev actually has spread sheets to keep track of all the books she needs to complete challenges. Currently being driven slightly mad by the fact I can’t find a cover with a coffin on! You’d think considering the chosen genre it would be an easy one to find, but alas not.


    • Two that spring to mind are Margery Allingham’s More Work for the Undertaker, and the Penguin eidtion of Carr’s It Walks by Night (which has shoes protruding from the end of a coffin, but it’s still a coffin). Shall keep an eye out for any more…!

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      • Both very good ideas. But annoyingly I already have copies of both those texts and fairly sure neither edition I have has a coffin on. But thanks for the suggestions – good to know I can delegate some of my scavenger hunting. Not like you have many to hunt for yourself or anything…


  2. You are clearly just not trying JJ, shame on you 🙂 I think I am not nearly as far as you – and that only if I combine my Golden and Silver challenge scores! I did manage to complete both the silver and Golden Challenge on time, but I was a lot younger then …


  3. I’m looking for an excuse to post on John Dickson Carr, so might I point out that the cover for your upcoming review showcases a ‘blonde’? This brings your count up by one…

    Anyway, I’ve just ordered a stack of JDC novels. 😀 Excluded buying the one you’re about to review, as I’m waiting to hear what you have to say.


    • If it’s a JDC excuse you’re looking for, I may have just the thing for you. Come back in an hour or two for a new post that might just be perfectly timed for your recent purchases…


  4. JJ: I am (very belatedly) working my way through old posts…You’re doing grand (there are A LOT of items on my scavenger hunt lists this year). I’m just pleased that you play along with me!


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