#128: Classic Crime Authors and Their Secret Identities – A Quiz! The Answers!


Okay, if you haven’t checked out the quiz from earlier this week then here’s your last chance before the answers spoil everything for everyone.  God, just for once can’t we have a relaxing Christmas?

Er, sorry, not sure what happened there.  So, on with the de-masking…

  1. Winifred Ashton — Clemence Dane

  2. Henry Lancelot Aubrey-Fletcher — Henry Wade

  3. Rupert Croft-Cooke — Leo Bruce

  4. Cecil Day-Lewis — Nicholas Blake [joint most-recognised]

  5. Dora Amy Elles — Patricia Wentworth

  6. Ernest Elmore — John Bude

  7. Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark — Cyril Hare

  8. Elizabeth MacKintosh — Josephine Tey

  9. Morna Doris MacTaggart — Elizabeth Ferrars

  10. Mary Christianna Milne — Christianna Brand

  11. Robert Bruce Montgomery — Edmund Crispin

  12. Mary Patricia Plangman — Patricia Highsmith [who no-one got]

  13. Edith Caroline Rivett — E.C.R. Lorac/Carol Carnac [who no-one got]

  14. Alfred Walter Stewart — J.J. Connington [who no-one got]

  15. J.I.M. Stewart — Michael Innes

  16. Cecil John Charles Street — Miles Burton/John Rhode [joint most-recognised]

  17. Ernest Basil Charles Thornett — Rupert Penny/Martin Tanner

  18. Henning Nelms — Hake Talbot

  19. William Edward Vickers — Roy Vickers

  20. William Anthony Parker White — Anthony Boucher/H.H. Holmes

Poor old Highsmith, Lorac, and Connington, eh?  Or — ooooo — maybe that’s what they wanted…

You’ll know how you got on, so well done/commiserations accordingly.  And if you cheated and looked some of these up then shame, shame on you.  I’m disappointed, you’re only letting yourself down, etc…okay, cool, School Mode is still working for when I need it in a few weeks.

And with that I’m off on holiday.  Got a couple of posts scheduled to come up while I’m away, but unlikely I’ll be around much in person.  See you in a week!

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