#81: Paul Halter Day – Call for submissions!

Paul Halter Day

According to my impeccably-researched sources, it is two months today until Paul Halter’s 60th birthday.  Now, I’m quite the fan of this French locked room maestro – his publication in English by John Pugmire under the guise of Locked Room International has provided no small amount of delight in my house – and so I’ll doubtless try to post something to mark this occasion.

And then I thought, “Hell, I’m just one guy – and not a very impressive one at that,” and figured that it wouldn’t be much of a 60th birthday if it’s just me on the stage on my own.  So, with the intent of making it something more of an occasion, I throw it open to you and your interwebs: can I interest anyone in joining me and posting something Paul Halter-related – a book review, an opinion piece, a collection of his cover art…whatever, go crazy – on your blog on 19th June 2016?

I’m putting this up now to give appropriate notice, and I’ll try to remember to post again with a month to go to remind you.  In a similar (but non-copyright-infringing) vein to Rich’s superb, long-running, well-established, widely-followed, and generally more thought through Crimes of the Century at Past Offences, links on the day can be put in the comments either below this post or the one due in a month and I’ll attempt a round-up here on The Invisible Event.

If you were looking for an excuse to get into Halter, here’s your chance!  Suggestions can be found on this site and elsewhere.  He’s a puzzler par excellence and has done some fabulously original work in a field already seemingly chock-full long before he’d even started, and I hope you’ll be able to join me in celebrating some of that.

What’s that?  My hand, you say?  Getting there.  Back next week.  Possibly the week after…

26 thoughts on “#81: Paul Halter Day – Call for submissions!

    • Rich,

      I suggest you start with his debut, “The Fourth Door” or “The Demon of Dartmoor” which to me are his best works available in English. Be warned that Halter has a very peculiar and at times gruesome imagination and he is all about plot, so you might be disappointed if you’re looking for something more than just ingenuity.

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    • Depends what you’re after. The Picture from the Past tries to do something really quite bold and probably almost succeeds (I still can’t decide!). The Seventh Hypothesis is a wonderful dual character study that becomes this insane whirligig, but the impossibilities are a bit minor; The Invisible Circle is another breed of bonkers…I love it but can understand others not sharing my enthusiasm; The Demon of Dartmoor has the most wonderfully subtle solution to its impossibility but is rather cursory in its characters…buuuuut, overall, Death Invites You is probably the most immediately accessible, and if you’re just looking to try Halter out for the first time then that’s probably the place I’d advise starting.

      Today, that is. Tomorrow I’ll probably change my mind. 🙂

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  1. Heeeeeee’s baaaaaaack!!! Good to see you, JJ! DEMON OF DARTMOOR has just arrived and is sitting beside my bed as we type! Since these are all short, I’ll probably be done with that one before June 19, so I have to decide whether to go for the one with the mystery writer dying in the locked room (Pictures) or the one about the missing plague victims and the disappearing street (???) Since I DIDN’T like the FOURTH DOOR, do you have any suggestions which direction I should head in?

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    • The plague victims and the disappearing street are actually two> books – The Seventh Hypothesis and The Phantom Passage respectively. Hypothesis is rather more character-based than the typical Halter, and Passage is more about the puzzle. However, the Christie nerd in you may appreciate the ‘lots of people on an island getting killed’-fest that is The Invisible Circle, too.

      On which note…hope all’s good for tomorrow!

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    • Since that’s not available in English, I’m already doubly intrigued… Looking forward to what you make of it, Sergio – many thanks!


        • Haha, I wasn’t doubting you, Sergio – I remember your multi-lingual feats from posts past. I’m intrigued because, as it’s not one I’ve been able to read (being as I am too stupid/lazy/busy to learn a second language), I have no idea what anyone might make of it or what to expect…!


          • If I can, I try to read French and Spanish authors in Italian translations (and German and Scandinavian ones in English) – I’ve actually been meaning to read this one for ages so greta excuse!


  2. Welcome back! 🙂 Not being a blogger myself I can’t contribute much – but look forward to reading all the reviews and posts… Perhaps I might buy another of his books on that day itself?


    • Could be a Goodreads review, and Amazon review…doesn’t have to be a blog post; hell, you can write a blog post if you like and I’ll gladly put it up here, so don’t count yourself out just yet…


    • Great to have you on board, Santosh – as with Sergio, I’m especially intrigued about the Halters I’m not yet able (and may never be able…?) to read, so really looking forward to your choice and your opinions.


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