#1: On blogging…

I’m a huge fan of classic crime fiction – of Leo Bruce, John Dickson Carr, Agatha Chrisite, Edmund Crispin, and others – as well as a handful of contemporary authors and a confusing mix of SF.  I’m not even slightly sold on Gladys Mitchell, think G.K. Chesterton too verbose and don’t really get along with Dorothy L. Sayers, just so there’s full disclosure from the outset.

My particular passion is locked room mysteries – Anthony Boucher, John Dickson Carr/Carter Dickson, Paul Halter, Rupert Penny, John Sladek, Derek Smith, Hake Talbot, etc – and I have gone and will go to quite absurd lengths to track down anything in that classic mould.

This blog is an attempt to provoke some conversation in an area I love; I’ve sat back and watched other people doing it and now fancy a try myself.  I’m not at all sure quite what form it will take (my current guess is book reviews) or whether anyone will even notice me in these crowded fields, but I want to give it a go and see what happens.

I’d say watch this space, but even I’m not deluded enough to imagine that anyone is watching at this stage…

3 thoughts on “#1: On blogging…

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