In GAD We Trust – Episode 22: On Making a Good First Impression [w’ Sergio @ Tipping My Fedora + Brad @ AhSweetMysteryBlog]

After the interruption to the schedule of two weeks ago, here’s another In GAD We Trust podcast — and given the topic of ‘Making a Good First Impression’ it’s only fitting to welcome returning guests Sergio and Brad.

We had orignally intended to discuss Ellery Queen, but life is miserable enough at the moment and so instead we’re looking at authors and sleuths alike who made a positive impression with their debuts. The list of authors tagged below will give you an idea of how broadly the conversation ranges — keeping these two on topic is like herding cats — and, man, is it ever fun to let Sergio wander into the various corners of his mind and find them packed with trivia (be sure to ask him about Geoffrey Sainsbury’s translations of Simenon, because I had to cut that out).

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes here, on Spotify here, or on Stitcher here, or by using the player below. 

Thanks are due to Brad and Sergio for their time (we had to record this twice, because my technology failed us at the first attempt), to Jonny Berliner for the music, and to you for listening.

More podcast in a fornight, and then a fortnight after that on 24th July it’ll be time for A Murder is Announced (1950) by Agatha Christie to be discussed in full, spoiler-rich detail. Stay safe, keep your distance, wash you hands.


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14 thoughts on “In GAD We Trust – Episode 22: On Making a Good First Impression [w’ Sergio @ Tipping My Fedora + Brad @ AhSweetMysteryBlog]

  1. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this episode, as very few of my favorite GAD works qualify as debits of either type. But it turned out to be one of the very best episodes yet— all three of you display terrific insight and extensive knowledge. Congrats all around!

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  2. I’m afraid I didn’t make a very good 17th impression here! Honestly, I never felt more stupid next to you guys; what I lacked in knowledge I hope I made up for in childish enthusiasm. I’m sorry that we didn’t get to some of the authors we discussed on the first go-round – I woke up and looked over at the works of Norman Berrow, and they were SCOWLING at me!!!

    My one relief is that we recorded this on Zoom: you needed a whip to herd this cat into the correct topic, and if we had been together in one room, I would’ve suffered 50 lashes.

    At least, I think bald men are sexy . . .


  3. This was absolutely a fascinating discussion. Really enjoyed the deep-dive in both the debut books and the debut investigations.

    If there’s ever an opening in the podcasting schedule to go deep into the Sherlock Holmes Canon or the highs and lows of Jonathan Creek, may I be so bold as to offer my services?


    • Nick, the Holmes canon — although pre-GAD — and Jonathan Creek — although post-GAD — are two topics it would be wonderful to discuss. I have loose plans for the remainder of this series, and have stated on more than one occasion that this shall be the final run of IGWT due to time constraints, but it would be great to talk about either (or, if we can find a way, both!) of those. Give me a couple of months to see how my extant plans turn out, and I shall be in touch.

      Glad you enjoyed this one, too. There’s about 15 hours of Sergio and Brad delightedly veering miles off subject and me swearing at them and hauling them back in line that that may one day make it into a Director’s Cut…


      • Sorry to hear that IGWT (or at least this iteration) has its end in sight as I have enjoyed every episode immensely. I, of course, understand that creating and maintaining a podcast is a time-consuming activity; the Covid shutdown gave me the only opportunity I had to start my own (limited) project, The Whodunnit Show, and since then work has kept me away from the microphone. Nonetheless, if the opportunity ever presents itself for a discussion of Jonathan Creek I will not hesitate to participate and explain why “The Grinning Man” really is one of the show’s best episodes. Until then…


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