#233: Murder on the (Givea)Way!

Murder on the Way

As I may have mentioned before, thanks to the wonderful people at Bold Venture Press I was, ahem, involved in the republication of Theodore Roscoe’s 1935 impossible crime zombie uprising novel Murder on the Way!.

I have now received my contractually-stipulated two copies of the book, preserved one in aspic and hidden it in the back of a cupboard as proof that I did once achieve something with my life in case anyone ever asks, and have spent a few days looking at the other one trying to figure out what to do with it.

It’s too thick to prop up my wonky kitchen table, not aerodynamic enough to serve as a frisbee for my dog, not designed to hold much more than a slice of ham between the pages (and after two or three days that started to smell), and frankly too dear to my heart to simply deposit in the nearest charity shop like so many clothes that no longer fit on account of a new year health kick.

And so, dear reader, I’m going to give it to one of you, free of charge, with shipping to your part of the world paid and everything.

No catches — you don’t have to follow me on Twitter (though you’re welcome to), you don’t have to sign up to receive updates of my posts by email (though you’re welcome to), you don’t need to send me a suitcase full of unmarked currency by way of a bribe (though, hell, I encourage it) — simply fill in your details below, and to help weed out spam select the text shown in the image.

Murder on the Giveaway

[This competition is now closed]

Correct submissions will be numbered in the order they’re received, and then a random number generator used to pick a winner.

If tree books aren’t your thing, don’t forget it is available everywhere as an ebook, too; the Kindle version is delayed in the UK, but you can get it here at Smashwords since Amazon are huge and have other things on their minds at present, I’m sure.

Deadline for entires is midnight BST on Monday 8th May (the midnight between Monday and Tuesday, that is) and the winner announced here next Tuesday.  Bonne chance!

16 thoughts on “#233: Murder on the (Givea)Way!

  1. I . . . already . . . bought . . . the . . . frakking. . . book!!!!!!!!!

    You have a dog?!?!? What’s the critter’s name? Timing? (“Bad Timing! No! Baaaa-aaad Timing!”)


    • Well, it would have looked mightily suspicious if you’d won it anyway; I don’t have the time for a stewards’ enquiry. Everyone is better off this way. Except you, financially. But apart from that.

      I do not have a dog, but then nor have I tried storing ham between the pages of my spare copy of MotW. My god, it’s just lie after lie after lie, isn’t it?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Some point in May for I’ll Grind Their Bones is my belief, yes. That may, however, change, given the Bold Venture have an ever-shifting roster of titles and authors to manage. I shall bring you all the news when I get it myself…


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