I’m going to shut the blog down for a bit, and probably even take it offline for a while. Am getting bit overwhelmed by real world stuff, and need to make some space.

Take care, see you soon.

19 thoughts on “Overload

  1. The temporary disappointment of this is dwarfed by my immense gratitude for what you’ve done already. I’m somebody whose youthful passion for impossible crimes and fair play was set back by decades of prevailing taste in the other direction, and your enthusiasm, honesty, and incredible thoroughness have inspired me to return to try writing in the form myself. Even apart from this particular effect, what you’ve already accomplished here is close to miraculous. Looking forward to your return!

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  2. Jim, this blog and your podcasts have been a real tonic – particularly over the past 18 months.
    Your words and insight – and those of your podcast guests – have truly enhanced my love of GAD literature and for that I’m hugely grateful.
    Sorry to hear that things are tough right now. Hope that you can find the same succour that your hard work, dedication and humour has brought to so many of us.


  3. I only discovered locked-room fiction during lockdown and your site has been a massive resource and just a great big GAD hug at a time of massive stress. So, thanks, from someone you don’t remotely know. 🙂 Take it easy. J


  4. It was stumbling upon your podcast with Dan that greatly influenced which titles from Ed Hoch’s list I decided to bother with, and the order in which I did so, back when I first got into locked room mysteries last year. Better still, it was my gateway to the wider blogging community, which is so much fun to follow. Hope you get matters in hand and can rejoin us soon. In the mean time, take care and all the best.


  5. I send good vibes through the power of the Internet. It has been an absolute pleasure reading this blog, interacting with others, and getting to join you in the discussion. I hope your situation improves.


  6. Oh no, I hope whatever it is you are dealing with gets better. Do what you must, but I confess a selfish disappointment that the joy reading your blog and interacting with like-minded (and sometimes not-like-minded) readers will be put on hiatus.


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