#344: Spoiler Warning – Coming in April: Invisible Weapons (1938) by John Rhode


Right, the dust has settled on The Problem of the Wire Cage, so it’s time to pick another book to get all spoilerful over.  There’s no mystery here, that book has been picked and its title is in the title of this post, but allow me a paragraph break otherwise I have no idea how I’ll work one in.

So, yes.  It gives me great pleasure to announce that Aidan — who blogs at a frankly astonishingly prodigious rate over at Mysteries Ahoy! — has consented to join me this time around, and we’ll be picking apart the soon-to-be-republished [due February 8th], until-now-rare-as-hen’s-teeth (even Rhode scholar Puzzle Doctor hasn’t read it…) impossible crime novel Invisible Weapons (1938) from one-man-four-names-eight-million-books-machine Cecil Street/John Rhode/Miles Burton/Cecil Waye.

This was published under his Rhode pseudonym and is being reissued by HarperCollins as part of their Crime Club imprint, the lovely people who have brought us much Philip MacDonald, Freeman Wills Crofts, Anthony Berkeley and many, many others in recent years (hell, recent months).  Here’s a brief bit of the synopsis:

The murder of old Mr Fransham while washing his hands in his niece’s cloakroom was one of the most astounding problems that ever confronted Scotland Yard. Not only was there a policeman in the house at the time, but there was an ugly wound in the victim’s forehead and nothing in the locked room that could have inflicted it.

So, usual rules apply: feel free to snag a copy and join in.  You have until some point in April (probably the second half), when Aidan and I will be posting our thoughts here for the usual display of discussion, dissection, disagreement, and discovery.  And be warned that — as always — full spoilers will abound, so the curious should ensure they’ve bought a ticket before boarding.

That’ll do it, many thanks; have a lovely weekend.

25 thoughts on “#344: Spoiler Warning – Coming in April: Invisible Weapons (1938) by John Rhode

  1. Amazon says this book will not be released until June 5. Might not it be better to schedule reviewing it for June when more people will be able to read it ?


    • You raise, Jim, a very good point I had not considered — namely, that the Poisoned Pen Press US release is probably not the same as the British Library UK publication date. Dammit, that’s what I get for trying to be current… 🙂

      US-folk, whaddaya say? Would you rather we delay until July so’s all y’all can pitch in on this one, too? Seems polite, right?


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