Goin’ on hiatus…

Following an accident at home last week, I had surgery on my hand earlier this week and am now facing a month with my dominant hand in a splint to help repair the damage.  Since one-handed typing requires more patience than I possess, and since The Invisible Event has come to account for about 80% of the time I spend at my computer these days, I’m going to regretfully withdraw from blogging for at least that month in order to preserve my sanity.

I am particularly frustrated by this, but see no feasible alternative.  My intended Tuesday Night Bloggers posts on Carr will probably just see the light as random posts here, and I shall lurk around everybody else’s sites and chip in with the odd short comment here and there no doubt, but please consider all action here on TIE suspended until further notice.

You will, I’m sure, cope admirably in these trying circumstances.

Adieu, adieu…

17 thoughts on “Goin’ on hiatus…

  1. I was about to say, “Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery,” but I guess that’s an inappropriate expression under the circumstances. Well, I can cross my fingers for you, and have done so.

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  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! My Wednesday mornings just aren’t going to be the same! If only I knew how to put emoticons in blog comments then I could put a long line of sad faces. As you can see I am taking your temporary departure well and I wish you a fast recovery.

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  3. That’s very sad. I wish you a speedy recovery!

    If there would be such a thing as a really advanced speech recognition software you could dictate your blog posts directly to the computer. I just don’t think there is (yet).

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  4. Very sorry to hear it! I have Dupuytren’s Contracture and had to undergo the same time away after hand surgery — you’ll be happy when the month is up and your hand is better than normal, I hope!!
    I’m a court reporter, so I type for a living … believe me, I know what you’re going through. And no, there isn’t any such thing as that level of speech recognition software, thank goodness — I’d be out of a job! 😉

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  5. Sorry to hear about your hand and hopefully you’ll have a rapid recovery. I was looking forward to your opinion about The Blushing Monkey, but we’ll patiently wait for another month. In the meantime, try to avoid karate-chopping anyone in the throat with that hand.

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  6. I can’t believe how sad I’m feeling right now – this is, after all, the blogosphere, not real life, right? It means I don’t get to read your well-written reviews, and it also reminds me (with some alarm) that I have this very painful trigger finger on my left (dominant) hand that requires surgery. I’ve put it off for six months, and it f***ing hurts!

    Hunting and pecking shouldn’t be too bad for you if you choose to respond to other people’s posts. Your comments always bring a lift, JJ. As for Dragon, well . . . I use it to text on my phone since thumb work is so ridiculous, and the autocorrections are so hysterical that I might have been able to compile a book out of them if i had written them all down!

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    • I wasn’t aware there was Dragon software for phones. I just got mine through my university degree. I have been to dictate quite a bit with it with only minimal corrections at the end. I think the software gets better the more you use it as it gets used to how you pronounce things. It may help though that my voice as my sister likes to call it, sounds like a 1950s BBC newsreader.

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  7. Sorry to hear of the accident, but glad that things are on the mend. Do take care, and we are all looking forward to a grand re-entrance in a month’s time! 😀

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